Green Vision Developments have identified a national shortage of quality two bedroom apartments priced below $350k. Our solution is to provide a high quality prefabricated modular low maintenance and durable abode where owner occupiers or investors have the opportunity to own a property that gives an excellent return on investment, is a great modern living space and addresses the demand for affordable sustainable housing.

Our Commitment

Green Vision Developments is committed to achieving a high level of sustainability in all of its Apartment Developments to ensure the well-being of residents and generations to come. By putting people and the environment first, we recognise the importance of developing a strong sense of community and the need to live in harmony with the environment

The Green Vision

The Green Vision Developments team is well aware of the benefits of incorporating sustainable design principals into our new developments. Our long-term philosophy includes a sustainable approach to the environment, as well as proper consideration of our social and economic responsibilities to the wider community. Optimising the sustainability potential in new developments through green design initiatives, positions a property well to minimise its environmental impacts and provide long-term benefits to for investors and the local community.

By putting people and the environment first, Green Vision Developments recognises the importance of developing a strong sense of community and the need to live in harmony with the environment. –

One of our main priorities within our “Affordable Living Concepts” is to manage the communities at a level where the development and tenants become part of a community. By creating this community feeling, the projects remain current and maintained in superior condition. Our Altitude Eco Village project will have a lap pool, community areas with several Barbecue facilities. We also will be creating several maintained vegetable and fruit gardens for the residents.

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